My tips for taking little ones to Dreamworld

posted on: Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have never been a huge theme park person, i loved them when i was young but not so much these days. That was until i had two little kids and realised the hours of entertainment that could be found at the theme parks once again.
My husband and I took our children to Dreamworld for the first time recently and it was so much fun. I had never actually been into the young children's areas before and i was a little unsure about how much my kids would actually be able to do, being only one and two years old. 
I thought i would share what it was like and a few tips if you are planning on visiting Dreamworld anytime soon with very young children. 

Tips - 
  • Buy a season pass if you live close by or think you might attend a few times a year. This is definitely handy if you have young children as you can just go in for a few hours and not feel like you should stay a whole day to get your monies worth. It doesn't cost much more to get a season pass, check out the prices here
  • Get a brochure of the daily activities and shows that are on and plan your day around them. A few of the shows only occur once or twice a day so it's easy to miss them. 
  • The food is the usual theme park cuisine, predominately fast and deep fried, and is pretty expensive so eat before you go, take snacks along and budget food costs into your day plus take lots of water unless you are happy to pay around $6 for a small bottle full. 
  • Take a pram as the park is very large so you will be doing a lot of walking. There is a great train ride and they can accommodate prams in a special carriage so you won't be too constricted with a single pram or stroller. You will have some difficulty with a side by side pram down some of the lines for the rides and also on the train. 
  • Try and go on a week day and out of the holiday period as it is much quieter and the queues to get on rides are much shorter. Our children would only last around 15 minutes max in a line so i don't think i would go at a peak time with very young children as lengthly ride queues would be very difficult. 
  • There are good parents facilities available throughout the park, a little dated but still with all the necessary things needed for little ones changing and feed times. 
Overall it was a great few hours and my daughter is still chatting about the fun she had there, weeks after we went. Her stand out of the day was the Wiggles performance and the ball pit attraction. 

My family and i attended Dreamworld as guests of Tourism and Events QLD. 

Snippets of life lately

posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Lately our days have been full of adventure. In the early days when the children were younger i favoured long days at home rather than getting us all out of the house and all that entails. These days though, staying at home is rather crazy and i love getting out and exploring our beautiful city. There are so many things to do, beaches to explore, parks to discover and shops to browse. My little girl loves heading out and tells me each day where she would like to go, her favourite being the shops and the park. I love these days, we have no schedule, no where to be and we make our plans up as each new day dawns.

1 / my little one often picks me flowers, bless her little heart
2 / visiting me friends beautiful farm where i spent a huge part of my childhood days
3 / exploring the country side out the back of Byron Bay
4 / homemade summer iceblocks are a huge hit around here
5 / each week i do a kid swap with my friend and i have her two little one. It make for a very fun day having four cherubs running around.
6 / exploring the rides at dreamworld
7 / the kids were mesmerised watching the claw ride fly around in the sky
8 / peekaboo is a great time killer when waiting in queues
9 / many forts and cubbies have been built lately in the rainy weather

Small steps everyday

posted on: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things have been a little quiet around these parts lately as I have been busy working on my recently launched project, Bloggers Bazaar. 
I have far too many ideas and plans and lists, oh do I have lists! The thing is though, that I also have two little ones who require my constant attention. If someone has worked out the secret to a great whole day at home with a one and two year old I would love to hear about it. We end up venturing out somewhere every day because home becomes too chaotic and the kids gets bored. No matter the number of activities, outside play, food and tv I still end up packing them into the car off on some daily adventure. I'm sure when I grew up we stayed home a lot more. Days were spent in the yard and playing around the house far more than they were spent out and about somewhere. But maybe that's just my memory of those days? 
I love having projects on the go while I'm at home during these years my kids are young. It keeps me sane, grounded and connected to the outside world. It's my little slice of pie that is untouched by the kids and keeps me up at night dreaming, planning and working. 
These years at home is an amazing time to be able to explore more creative pursuits develop hobbies. 
I just need to find an extra 4 child free hours each day to actually put all my ideas into action. Staying up until midnight and rising at 5am definitely catches up with you after a while. I need to work smarter and manage my time more effectively while still making it to bed before ten. Well that's the plan anyway! 

Anyone else struggle with time and fitting in all you want to do in amongst family, work and other life commitments? 
Small steps everyday it is.